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04 Jan '17

Wilde's 10 Most Beautiful 2016

Posted by Julian Wilde

The question I get asked most often runs something like:  “Is there an objective “Standard of Beauty?”  The answer to this is not Yes or No.   It’s far more complicated than that.  The other question is quite often “Who’s your favorite?”  Another impossible question to answer!   It always turns into a “Sofie’s Choice” kind of thing.  I can’t bear to leave anyone out!  It would probably be easier on me to do a “Wilde’s 100” than to try and limit myself to only 10.  But limitations are what makes a horse race.  So here are the 10 women that when they’re in front of my camera I hear myself say almost out loud, “My Gawd that’s a Beautiful Girl!”   And that’s the standard I used in limiting my list to these 10 Beauties. 

So let’s start it off with the owner of Venus Allure Salon & Spa, Venus Bui—who also happens to be the beauty and the power behind the Portland Fashion & Style Awards.  And for most people those 2 things would go along way towards defining them.   With the lovely and talented Venus Bui… not so.  It’s only the beginning of her story.  But I’ll leave it for her to tell.

Next is Kenzie Smith, a 6’ model who I’ve been shooting since she was only 16.  She’s also one of the few girls that when she’s standing in front of you, quite often the adjective “magnificent”  comes very forcibly  to mind.  And beyond being quite physically stunning, she kept Straight A’s through college and is a thoroughly wonderful young woman,  We simply couldn’t be more proud of her!

Third on Our List—which in in no particular order—is the very beautiful Paige Campbell, who’s also a bit of an internet sensation without even trying.  Her vibrant personality, her easy-going way, her humility and kind heart go a long way towards explaining her loyal and enthusiastic following.  But it is her stunning  beauty—from head to toe—that lands Paige on this list.

Fourth is the triumvirate of Beauty with Staci Hart, Ella Fox and Laudan Taiby.  These are 3 of my favorite girls and I shot them together just so I could see them together at the same time!  Staci is a talented Designer of jewelry and glass sculpture as well as being an amazing model.  She brings a combination of exceptional beauty, warmth, elegance and  a freshness that makes her timeless and simply unforgettable. 

The woman in the middle, Ella… one of the few women who leaves me quite breathless with her flat-out, no-holds-barred natural beauty.  A California Girl, and a wonderful mother, Ella also has a kindness, a warmth and a magnetism, that in real life could easily start a fire in any heart.

The girl on the right of our trilogy is Laudan.  Also known by her friends as “Laudie” and “Dani” I’ve had the privilege of watching Laudan grow from a “girl” just a few short years ago to a “woman”.  And the transformation was one of the sweetest miracles I’ve seen in my life.  An international beauty, she’s presently finishing her degree so that she can counsel those in crisis. It would also be impossible to find a single soul with anything other than glowing things to say about her.  She is that exceptional and rare of a human being.

Coming in at lucky #7 is Julie Ernes, one of the most popular touring models in America.  In fact, she’s working in London at the time of this announcement!  She brings beauty, charm , professionalism and all the curves photographers look for in a model.  She’s been a successful touring model for over 10 years now and still going strong!  Recently she got engaged to a handsome software designer/photographer--no doubt 2017 will be a big year for her as well.

We’ve been working with Actress and Model Carly Kingston since booking her for a “Luxury Brand” calendar we did about 3 years ago.  We’ve had the pleasure of using her in workshops,  video projects and fashion shoots and every time Carly is the consummate professional, bringing her A Game and lighting up the studio with that smile and everything she brings to the party.

Ninth on our list is Rachael Mitchell, who is, among other things, a 7 time State Champion in gymnastics and a current  instructor/coach.    To say that she is “fearless” would only scratch the surface.   Beyond being athletically gifted she has the face of an Angel , as well as the body, the smile and the heart to go with it.

Rounding out our list is the almost 6’ tall Kenna Danielle Sloy.  She recently graduated from High School, won Miss Teen for our state, has a quick mind, a wicked sense of humor and a huge St.Bernard that she loves dearly.   And there is That Face!  And those Legs!  I’ve been shooting Kenna for about 3 years now and it just keeps getter better every time.  Keep an eye on this one!

So there you have it!  Wilde’s 10 Most Beautiful for 2016.  And as you can see, they’re not  just “Beautiful,” but also fearless, compassionate, funny, interesting, caring  and dear to us.  But at the end of the day, isn’t that really what “Beauty” is all about?  As it turns out Beauty is in more than the eye of the Beholder.  Beauty is all around us.  Beauty calls out to us In every shape and every form.   Beauty is where we find it and wherever we care to see it.  It is in a neighbor’s smile, on a child’s face and in the eye of your own beloved.  Hope you enjoyed “Wilde’s 10 Most Beautiful” and we look forward to seeing you down the road.   Here’s wishing all of you a Most Beautiful 2017!