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About Julian Wilde

Photographers are largely known for their ability to “see.”
In my particular case, what I “see” I first see in my mind’s eye,
and if I continue to be “haunted” by an image that has taken residence in my imagination,
then at some point, I feel compelled to manifest the image-as best I can.

THIS is “what I do.”
I realize that there are an unlimited number of worlds and realities within me;
within my imagination, that I have access to.
I make the choice to bring certain ideas, certain elements of these various worlds into this shared reality.
I manifest in terms of photography, the experiences which I feel are the most valuable to share
with others and to experience these worlds more fully myself.
I feel called to share the ideas which are the most inspirational
and those that affirm the beauty and the promise of our Humanity.
I live in the faith that my sacred purpose is revealed
thru my creativity and via my photographs and my writing. 
And if you find my dreams blending spirituality with sexuality, and fantasy with reality
— then indeed, you have found me.