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25 Feb '16

"You are The Golden Child."

Posted by Julian Wilde

I was talking with a young and very beautiful girl today.   A girl so very lovely that she was easily in the top 1% of the top 1%. Truly what anyone would call a “world class” Beauty. But to her own mind… to her own eyes…she was not beautiful enough. She was not thin enough. Her tummy was not flat enough. She saw herself in a way that no one in the world would ever think of her. And I knew that she felt that if only she were more beautiful, more perfect and less “flawed” that her life would be perfect and she would have the world in her hands. What I wanted to tell her… the secret that I wanted desperately to share with her… was that real success if life has more to do with the relationships you create and nourish than the amount of time you spend on a Stairmaster. It’s about the people in your life that you appreciate and thank for their many small contributions, and not the number of miles you run in a day.   It’s about letting the people who are important to you know that they are the most important things in your life, and not the number of calories in your diet.   Take the last minute that you would spend on your workout and thank someone who has given you of their time and their energy.   There are people who are wanting you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. Thank them for knowing your heart and dreaming your dream with you. The people in your life have in so many ways been placed there for you. They are your orchestra and they will play for you to your utter amazement. If you just give them a reason. Do these small things and you will become in their eyes exactly what you hope to see in the mirror. You will become even more beautiful… to the people who really do matter in your life. Do these small things and the day will come—as it does for all of us—when your youth and your physical beauty will fade. But in the hearts of those who love you and for those who have made a home for you in their hearts… you will still be more beautiful than you have ever imagined.   You will be more than flawless. More than perfect. You My Beautiful Golden Girl… will be loved.”