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01 Aug '16

"My Attorney Only Charges 200 an Hour!"

So today I had a phone conversation with a potential client that was asking for my pricing for various services.  She needed multiple in-studio “locations,” some fairly elaborate lighting setups, as well as extensive professional editing and wanted to know what I charge for this.  I said that I charge $500 an hour and have a 2 hour minimum for that kind of photography with those services.  She replied, “Holy Cow!  My attorney only charges me $200 an hour and he’s a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Princeton!”  She went on and on to tell me of his many accolades and his famous clients.  She was obviously quite impressed with her attorney, his Ivy League pedigree and the awards on his wall.  I was beginning to see that there was simply no winning this argument.  And it’s true: every once in awhile, just as in fishing… you have to throw one back in.  Besides, I know when I’ve been outclassed.  So I said, “It’s obvious to me that you should go down to his office and have HIM photograph you.”  There was a short silence on the line and then “click!”    The truth is: I’m kind of interested to know how that works out for her.  {insert the appropriate emoji.}